Adopted November 2013

Tommy was dropped off to Gagemount Animal Hospital with his brother. They were both heavily infested with fleas and it was soon apparent that both these kittens were very ill. Despite Gagemount's best efforts Tommy's brother passed away after being in their care for only one day.

Soon after, Tommy became very ill and was diagnosed with Panleukopenia, a disease that cripples the immune system and reeks havoc on the gastro intestinal tract. The staff at Gagemount were saddened by this diagnosis because 95% of kittens under two months old with Panleukopenia die, even with treatment. Tommy was 6 weeks at the time of his diagnosis.

Since Animal Welfare wasn’t giving up on Tommy neither were the G.A.H team. Little Tommy was on round the clock care, going home with the technicians each night, hooked up to IV fluids, being hand fed and receiving tons of TLC. After a couple weeks he finally started improving! His appetite increased and he was eating on his own, his soft stool had subsided and he was starting to become a normal kitten again!

It has now been a month since Tommy's amazing recovery and he now has a new loving forever home which he shares with two other cats (both were also rescued by Animal Welfare) and a dog.
If it wasn't for Animal Welfare little Tommy would not be in a cozy home today.

Jen, RVT


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