Adopted April 2001

Back in April I adopted Wallace.  I just wanted to show you how he's doing.  Attached are two pictures of him.  He's doing great.  He's settled into life quite well in my apartment.  He is also getting used to being a travelling cat.  He hates the elevator ride in his travel cage, but once he's in the car he settles right down ... perhaps because he knows he is going to visit his "Grandparents" and his cousin D.C.  In fact, the one picture shows him with D.C.

He gets spoiled rotten at my parents' place.  But then, he gets spoiled rotten at home too.  When I go to bed at night he hops into his bed and goes to sleep as well.  He is usually awake before I am, but as soon as the alarm goes off he comes running into the room to have his morning "petting" session where he purrs while I pet him.  I can't imagine a better fit in my life than Wally and I just wanted to let you know that he is doing great and that he is in a loving home.


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