Adopted June 2003

     WESLEY                  WESLEY & DANNY

 Hello everyone,

Just would like you to know that I have been blessed with another wonderful cat.  His name is Wesley and he is awesome with my daughter.  He's such a suck ... just like a kitten, always wanting to be petted and brushed more and more.  I love him to pieces.  His big brother loves him and cleans him and also chases him around the house.  His big brother's name is Danny (also adopted from AWA).  At first I didn't think things would turn out good with Wesley and Danny but they both proved me wrong.  Special thanks to Animal Welfare for giving me a chance to help another cat.  I wish I could take them all in but I know they will find homes soon.  Hope you will all be blessed to have 2 wonderful cats as I have!!

Danny & Wesley

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