Willo (Geena)

Adopted October 2004

       WILLO                GEENA

This letter is long overdue.  I adopted my sweet Willo, formerly known as Geena, back in October of 2004.  Although neither the AWA vet nor the AWA foster mother realized it, she has a slight disability.  It took me a while to realize it myself.  My vet told me she was likely a kitten born of a mother who had the distemper virus, and as such has damage to her cerebellum and would be developmentally delayed.  At first she had a few mishaps due to her (I assume) perception problem.  I once caught her as she flew over the stairwell railing as I was going down the stairs.  Now she seems to have adjusted to however she sees the world. She is the perfect cat who does not jump up on furniture or claw it.  She has a chair and a table in front of the windows overlooking the bird feeder and backyard where she happily sits.  She gets on the window sills and that is about as far as she ventures.

When I brought her home, she didn't go into hiding as I expected, but made herself right at home and slept with me the first night, and every night since.  Sweet by nature, she has turned into a beautiful cat. I have attached the photo of her as Geena when she appeared on the AWA site, and a recent photo of her, so that you can see her marvellous transformation.

I would urge older people wanting a cat to consider one with a disability.  They make wonderful, loving pets.  Willo is the perfect cat for me at my stage of life. My former cat was an Einstein; Willo is Forest Gump.  She is comical and affectionate and I love her dearly for who she is and what she brings to my life.  Thank you AWA.

Paddy Chitty

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