Willow (Deena) & Nyla (Verity)

Adopted January 2008

I just wanted to tell you how my life changed January 11, 2008.  I told my sister that my boyfriend and I wanted to get a cat.  She told us about you.  I looked on the internet through pictures and fell in love with Willow (Deena).  We made an appointment to go see her and fell in love right away!  My sister asked to see the other kittens and that's when we fell in love with Nyla (Verity) also.  On the way home we decided that we would adopt both kittens!  We love them both so very much and we think what you are doing is great.  When people tell me that they are looking for a cat I tell them about you.  I have enclosed this adorable picture of the two girls.

Thanks once again!

Carrie Lane

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