Winston (Wynton)

Adopted June 2009


My name is Winston Hercule Whitelaw and I live in a condo in Burlington, Ontario on the 1st floor.

When I was adopted, my new owners insisted they wanted a black cat.  Boy!  This was my lucky day.  I was on my best behaviour that day and it worked.  I own the condo now, 4 windows to look out of and French doors with a bird bath outside.  I do get lonely when they go out.  I have a very loud cry and I use it to get my way, and it works.

I don't have to get in my carrying cage to see my Vet because Dr. Judy makes house calls.  I was told I was 3 years old when I was adopted but Dr. Velvyvis said I'm more like 4.  Oh well!  What's a number?

I love my new home, eat the best food and sleep all day.  I'll keep in touch and I hope you like my picture.

All the best!


PS - My alias name listed was Wynton


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