Zoey (Dot)

Adopted April 2005

We adopted Dot, now known as Zoey, on April 19th 2005.  She is a very special addition to our family.  It has been 13 years since we have had a feline friend in our home.  It is unbelieveable how much fun and enjoyment she has brought to everyone in the house.  She is very curious, and investigates everything.  She is a very vocal cat and loves to talk, all the time.  Sometimes I wonder if she even knows she is a cat.  She gives the perfect balance of kisses and cuddles, yet loves to play, run, jump, pounce, and chase anything that moves, including me.  We are looking forward to our 1st Christmas with Miss Zoey and hope she doesn't climb the Christmas tree, Ha-Ha.  Thank-you to everyone at Animal Welfare and Rockland Veterinary Hospital for bringing such a joyful animal into our lives.

Shelley, Gary & Jessica Josefik

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