Animal Welfare Association of Hamilton is a registered charity which received its charter in 1949.

Our mandate is to rescue and find homes for abandoned animals.  We deal mostly with cats but occasionally with dogs.

All our members are volunteers who work out of their homes so we avoid any overheads and all monies received go towards finding loving homes for the animals in our care.

Each animal is assessed by a local veterinarian.  Any immediate health problems are treated and then the animal is vaccinated, neutered or spayed, de-wormed etc. and boarded (either at the vet's or in a foster home) until a suitable adoption can be arranged.  We do not euthanize healthy adoptable animals.

All our adoptive families are carefully screened and we put all our animals in on a two week trial period to ensure that both the animal and the owner are satisfied with the match.  New owners are required to pay an adoption fee, but this generally covers only a small fraction of our costs and many animals have to be boarded for lengthy periods before a suitable owner can be found.

We receive no funding from any source and rely on private donations and fundraising activities such as penny sales, raffles etc. to help pay our substantial vet bills.

Given the troublesome economic climate, we are finding more and more animals in need of care, and our job is becoming increasingly difficult. 


Your donation to Animal Welfare Association will help to cover the cost of veterinary care given to stray cats and kittens, foster care, and adoption to permanent loving homes.

When you adopt a cat/kitten from Animal Welfare Association, your adoption fee is 100% refundable for two weeks while you and your new cat get to know each other.

Animal Welfare Association will pay for:

      General Physical Examination
     Testing for Feline Leukemia Virus
      Fecal (stool) examination for intestinal parasites (worms)
      Deworming (if needed)
      Advantage flea control
      Vaccination for FVRCP [Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia (distemper)]
      Booster for FVRCP
      Rabies  vaccination *
      Surgical sterilization (spay/neuter)
      Treatment of any other health concerns on an individual basis to restore health before adoption
      Boarding and/or foster care as needed before adoption

Animal Welfare Association cannot afford to provide the following services:

    -  Leukemia vaccination and booster
    -  Microchip or tattoo
    -  ongoing flea control
    -  any treatment or health care required after the two week period
    -  yearly examination and vaccinations for the life of your cat

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