Adopted February 2006


We are very proud to introduce our newest family member, Ziggy !  That's his Animal Welfare name, and it really seems to suit him.

We adopted Licorice (see his separate letter) in the fall, his new name is MacDuff.  While on holidays this winter, we took Duffy to The Pampered Feline (read about them on the Animal Welfare site too) to be looked after.  We talked to Chris about his gentle personality, and she felt that another Animal Welfare cat that she had might be a good match.  They introduced Duffy to Ziggy, in a very quiet meeting, and Zig licked Duffy's face.  Well, we can't argue with Duffy's choice of friends, so Ziggy came home with us.

Duffy is a very relaxed, adaptable cat.  But Zig was an abandoned barn cat, and is much more timid.  For his first two days at home, he would only come out from under the bed to eat when we weren't around.  Then he started talking to Duffy.  Duffy would chirp at him, Zig would squeak back, and that would give him the courage to come out.  Once Zig was brave enough to start accepting petting, he just soaks them up.  There's a lot of love in that little body!

They have a bit of sibling rivalry, as expected, but play together nicely most of the time.  Ziggy just loves his big brother, and always wants to be around him, as you can see from their picture (Ziggy is on the left, with short fur, compared to Duffy's silver ruff).  But Duffy is very tolerant, and they often have naps together.

A huge thank you to Chris and the staff at The Pampered Feline for rescuing and socializing the little fellow, and to everyone at Animal Welfare for patiently waiting for the right home to come along for the boy.

Laura & Glen

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